What we do
  1. Group Classes
    Group Classes
    physioguidedPILATES offers pilates classes, guided by a physiotherapist, in Caterham and Sanderstead. Pilates classes are great for people who want to build up their core strength, avoid or recover from injury, improve their posture and balance, and gain a great mind and body awareness. These classes will be no bigger than 12 participants per class and will be highly interactive with the instructor.
  2. One to One Pilates
    One to One Pilates
    physioguidedPILATES is also able to offer 1:1 Pilates instruction, guided by a physiotherapist. The benefit of one to one instruction is that specific needs can be addressed , which is not always possible in a group class. If you are pregnant, have recently had a baby, undergoing medical treatment or rehabilitation it may be advisable that you undertake one to one Pilates classes.

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